‘Intramural’ Is The Sports Movie For Guys Who Don’t Deserve One (And It Has A Trailer)

There are not enough sports movies these days about being hopeless and getting hit in the nuts. That was more or less the entire non-biographical, non-inspirational sports movies climate from 1975-2000. For every Brian’s Song there was a Meatballs. For every Remember The Titans there was a Happy Gilmore.

Now I guess for every Draft Day there is an Intramural. The plot and colorfully-worded sales pitch, via the YouTube description:

Intramural is a hilarious send-up of inspirational sports movies replete with epic training montages, over the top motivational speeches and bone crunching tackles, “Intramural” tells an epic tale of a group of 5th year seniors who form an intramural football team in their final year of college before being forced out into the real world. “Intramural” is the GLORIOUS love child of cult classics such as “Wet Hot American Summer” and “Dodgeball”.

As a guy who once played a duck mascot in a local indie sports comedy I am in full support of this. The cast is a little more impressive than “Brandon from UPROXX” as it stars Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett and Jay Pharoah from Saturday Night Live, a guy from The Office and a non-Kristen Stewart lady from Twilight, so maybe you’ll want to see it beyond jokes about me being a furry.

Here’s the trailer: