Introducing The Woman Who Is The Biggest Dale Earnhardt Fan In The World

Last night, while trying to sort through political arguments among people I follow on Twitter so I could focus on what the social media site was actually intended for – porn stars lobbying for people to vote for their Fleshlight – I noticed a Tweet from Yahoo!’s Jay Busbee about a woman who informed him about the new ink of Dale Earnhardt that she just got, as you can see in the banner image. It’s actually a little unclear, so I’ll let Jay explain it.

Screw the debate, you MUST see this tattoo on @lisa88fan of Dale Sr. looking down the stairway to heaven on Dale Jr.

That’s right, that is a full back tattoo that depicts a stairway to Heaven with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. looking up at his father, who is surrounded by either clouds or angels. Either way, that’s a pretty immense show of loyalty to one specific NASCAR brand. But then, I wouldn’t expect anything else from a woman who has “Nascar Girl” tattooed on her shoulder blade, as well as a butterfly and the moon on the other side.

Oh, and it doesn’t end there, friends. This woman also has an Earnhardt tattoo on her leg that she shared on her Twitter account.

That is some seriously impressive fan allegiance right there. It certainly blows away my Tony Stewart tramp stamp.