The IOC Has Ordered America’s Women’s Hockey Goalie To Remove ‘We The People’ From Her Helmet

The International Olympic Committee’s outrage isn’t simply focused on American politics and its “four lesbian” delegates heading to Sochi. U.S. Women’s Hockey goalie Jessie Vetters is also the focus of some foreign finger-wagging, as her helmet (above) has been declared in violation of the IOC’s rules about propaganda. Apparently the athletes are allowed to honor their home countries to a certain extent, but anything that even remotely comes off as “my country rules, your country drools” is not allowed.

So because Vetter’s helmet has “We the People” printed on it, the IOC sees it as propaganda and therefore must be removed, because how dare we flaunt the Constitution?

“No writings of any kind to promote the country is allowed,” [artist Ron] Slater explained in an email to InGoal. “A sort of ‘our country is better than your country” kind of thing that the IOC frowns upon. Her name had to come off because they see it as self promotion. They wanted everything to be team based. … Our original idea was ‘land of the free, home of the brave,’ and that would have had to have been removed as well.” (Via InGoal)

Interestingly, the Olympic rings on Vetter’s mask also have to be removed, as does her name. The name part sort of makes sense because of the whole “this is about teamwork” aspect of the Olympics, but the rings? I’m guessing it’s a matter of the trademark for the logo. However, as InGoal also points out, men’s goalie Ryan Miller didn’t have to remove the rings from his mask in Vancouver in 2010, so what the F, IOC?

Regardless of fairness in the face of stupid rules, Vetter’s mask has been fixed and still looks pretty cool.

(Banner via News 96.5, helmet images via InGoal and Pros Choice)