Iowa State’s Band Did A ‘Jurassic Park’ Halftime Show Complete With Dozens Of Inflatable Raptors

10.13.18 9 months ago


College marching bands have a long history of doing fun full-band versions of some classic tunes, but perhaps no band has hit a better vein of nostalgia and also viral visibility than the Iowa State Cyclones.

Iowa State hosted No. 6 West Virginia on Saturday and took a lead into the half against Heisman candidate Will Grier. To celebrate, the Cyclones marching band busted out a tribute to Jurassic Park. Part of the band’s halftime show included the classic score from the movie. You know the one: DAH NAH NAH NAH NAH … yeah you know it.

One interesting caveat to this performance, though, was the appearance of dozens of people in inflatable raptor costumes to dance to a fro like so many dinosaur ballerinas.

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