Iowa State Coach Fred Hoiberg Is The Biggest Star Of The NCAA Tournament

Iowa State’s 85-83 victory over UNC was one of the more exciting games yesterday, perhaps not as exciting as Kentucky’s upset of Wichita State, but very few games of any sport will be that exciting this year. But at least we’re talking about the Cyclones’ big win, even if it is only because of “The Mayor” Fred Hoiberg’s amazing locker room dance skills that may or may not have humiliated his children in the process.

Honestly, it’s hard to tell where Hoiberg’s dancing begins and where your uncle’s drunken dance floor dry hump to Katy Perry’s “California Girls” at your wedding ends. But cheers to the Mayor for not giving a sh*t.

Fred’s son, Jack, immediately took to Twitter to point out the obvious, as if we all already hadn’t started the coach’s campaign for the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

But Fred’s daughter, Paige, took it a step further and pointed out her dad’s, um, awareness at what he might have just done.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will be working on a way to make this GIF…

… look like this GIF:

You know, for science.