Iowa State Makes A Regrettable Cameo In This Hilarious ‘Hooray For Ames’ Video

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Hooray for Ames


Sure, we could jump all over this promotional video for the city of Ames, Iowa, because it’s clearly one of the most ridiculous videos that we’re going to see all year. But maybe there’s a little more to it than meets the eye. Perhaps the people who made this video knew what they were doing when they decided to combine the off-tune singing with cheesy lyrics and corny graphics. After all, more people talk about a seemingly terrible YouTube video if it makes us all laugh in disbelief, as opposed to videos that are actually good. Hell, can anyone even remember the last time that they saw a tourism ad or any promotional video, for that matter, that was good? I can’t.

So I tip my cap to the folks at Iowa State University who came up with “Hooray for Ames” for boasting about the city’s award-winning water (that’s a thing?) and how the multiple cultures living within its borders have managed to never be at war. That’s something to truly be proud of.

(H/T to Adam Jacobi)

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