Iowa’s Zach McCabe Displayed Proper Hip Toss Etiquette Against Michigan State

An 86-76 victory by the No. 22 Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball team over the No. 24 Iowa Hawkeyes on Senior Night wouldn’t be much of a story outside of Big Ten circles, but when players start getting a little feisty and violent, they’re playing right into our hands. You might remember Iowa forward Zach McCabe from such previous tough guy adventures as telling his own fans to “Suck a fat one all of you” on Twitter after they reacted poorly to his airball three-pointer in a game last month. Last night, though, he showed all the people on Twitter what he’s capable of when it’s time to crack some skulls.

MSU’s backup point guard Travis Trice had a hell of a game off the bench, scoring 17 points in 26 minutes, while McCabe’s 8 points came on as many shots as he had fouls (5). One such foul came with less than five minutes left and Iowa down by 15, as McCabe and Trice locked arms and McCabe basically tossed him to the ground like a sweaty towel.