Iran Hates London Olympics Logo More Than The Rest Of Us

Lately, Iran’s given the Westboro Baptist Church a run for their money in terms of being crazy and protesting weird stuff. The most recent subject: the ugly-ass London Olympics logo for 2012. It is now perceived by Iran as RAYCESS!!1

Iran objects to the logo for the 2012 London Olympics, contending it is racist because it resembles the word “Zion” and warning of a possible boycott of the games.

The secretary general of Iran’s National Olympic Committee said Iran sent a letter to International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge. The letter claims the 2012 logo spells out “Zion,” a biblical term widely recognized to refer to the city of Jerusalem.

In comments carried by the official IRNA news agency Monday, secretary general Bahram Afsharzadeh said the letter urges other Muslim states to oppose the “racist logo.” -Yahoo! Sports

Now, I’m a Muslim (not exactly the best practicing one, but that’s not relevant), and I vaguely see the “Zion” thing they’re talking about. I’m not sure why I’m supposed to be enraged, either. Oh well. If the logo said something subliminal like “Haha, we can eat pork and you can’t,” I’d be a little pissed I guess.

Maybe Iran knows their athletes haven’t been training well and won’t be ready for the Olympics, so they’re trying to save face by calling something racist and boycotting it. It’s a pretty good strategy, in my opinion. They win the gold medal in rage already!

It’s a pretty ugly logo anyway. Everyone knows it sucks, but Iran is taking it a step further and telling them it is not only aesthetically offensive but racially as well. You’ve got to admire that kind of argument.

Also, I know Mahmoud Ahmadinejad isn’t the one complaining (although he might be). I just love that picture of him. So undecided!