11.24.07 10 years ago 3 Comments

In another instance of people blaming the Irish for the poor performance of an organization, Nebraska AD Tom Osborne fired head coach Bill Callahan yesterday:

"As a former coach this is a role I really don't like," Osborne said at a news conference. "I hate to sit in judgment of other people. I never envisioned being in a situation where I would have to make a decision on somebody's employment opportunity, but that's the nature of this business." 

You'd think a guy who voted to send young men and women off to war wouldn't mind sitting in judgment or dismissing employees, but there you go. Anyway, this is probably the last step in expunging Bill Callahan's name from the historical record. The Catholic high school he attended on the South Side of Chicago doesn't exist anymore (my father matriculated at the same institution – it's where he learned his fondness for corporal punishment).  The Oakland Raiders will move back to L.A., and certainly the Huskers will drop their football program for 3-on-3 women's basketball. I'm sick of everyone blaming an Irishman from the South Side. Just because you're late, doesn't mean it's mine bitch! -KD    

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