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Somebody tried to crash Sammy Sosa’s birthday party wearing brown face paint. Enrique Santos, the self-proclaimed “King of All Spanglish Media” decided to gussy up for the event at the Fontainebleau, which is guess is French for…hey, you’re the racist. YOU come up with something.

Invited as a guest to Sosa’s big birthday bash at the Fontainebleau, Santos thought he’d have a little fun with the whole Lightening Gate situation and show up at the party looking like he got locked into a spray tan booth. “I’m currently using a cream which has darkened my complexion,” Santos says. “Ironically, Sammy is going through the same process, but the cream he is using is making him white.”

While on the red carpet doing interviews, Santos was approached by a publicist who asked him what he was doing, telling Santos, “You can’t make fun of him,” and ultimately kicking him out of the affair. –Enrique Santos, via Slanch Report.

Yeah, so dude got tossed from a party for dressing up for Halloween three weeks too late. Big news there. So “brown face” is cool if you’re already Hispanic? I guess if you’re showing up to party with a 41-year-old guy that still calls himself “Sammy,” then probably not.

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