Is Leo Messi The New Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen made a few headlines when he picked up over a million followers in his first day on Twitter. Hollywood’s curious curator of tiger blood now sits just shy of 3.8 million followers. But Lionel Messi, in his own special way, has blown Sheen out of the water. In just 9 hours on Facebook, the wily Argentine (and arguably the greatest soccer player on planet Earth) has picked up over 6.7 million fans. So who’s winning more?

Granted, the “Likes” on facebook are probably easier to come by than Twitter followers; Facebook has about 600 million member profiles compared to about 200 million profiles on Twitter. And Messi’s following is worldwide, and I wonder if “Two And A Half Men” has any sort of following in Spain (it does air in syndication there, apparently, as “Dos hombres y medio”).

It helps that Messi adds entries to his page in both Spanish and English, and that his worldwide following would almost certainly eclipse that of Sheen’s. But regardless of the platform, gaining nearly a million followers an hour is pretty cool. But you know what’s really cool? A billion followers an hour, but you could only do that for…like, seven hours.

Thanks, Quickish, for the heads-up.