Is This Michael Jordan Breaking A Backboard?

02.23.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

Michael Jordan did a lot of stuff in his basketball career; he won a lot of titles, sold a lot of shoes, and is almost universally recognized as one of the greatest athletes in history. But did he ever smash a backboard? This dude that kinda looks like Jordan can be seen breaking the hardware in the video above. A YouTube video summary suggests that, yep, it’s MJ.

Trieste (Italy) August 25 of 1985,Stefanel Trieste vs Juve Caserta,Nike exhibition game with Michael Jordan scores 30 points and shattering the backboard with a dunk producing courteous in the wrists to a player of the rival equipment,i recorded it in the year 1986 in a sports program of the Spanish television,i have published the video with the Italo disco song of 1985: Moses-We Just (Our Revolution)

–User “jpsp74″/YouTube.

Yeah, so that explains that Jordan looks so young, wearing the original tri-colored Air Jordans, and suggests that wear and tear from a busy “offseason” led to His Airness’s ankle injury in his subsequent season with the Bulls. He still had a better year than anything involving disco.

via Midwest Sports Fans.

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