10.29.08 9 years ago 16 Comments

The bizarre story of Isiah Thomas’ apparent overdose was finally made a bit more clear yesterday with the help of Newsday scribe Anthony Rieber, who got a detailed account of the Thomas incident from Harrison, NY police chief David Hall. Thomas was allegedly rushed to a White Plains hospital after an apparent accidental overdose on sleeping pills. He then told a NY Post reporter that it was his daughter that had been involved in the occurrence, and not him. But as Police Chief Hall tells Rieber:

”The only thing I can say is maybe he has some stipulation in his contract… if he takes drugs or whatever they may not owe him the $18 million (left on his contract). I have no idea…

So Isiah Thomas, already many times a millionaire, told police his daughter had suffered an accidental overdose. All potentially so he could continue collecting millions of dollars from the team he helped turn into a smoldering tire fire that can be seen from well outside of Earth’s orbit.

Such a charming fellow. Police ruled Thomas’ overdose to be accidental. And, in the wake of this story and Terrell Owens’ accidental OD from two years ago, I have to ask: Do any of these assholes know how to read the instructions on a CVS printout? Jesus. Those aren’t Skittles you’re eating, morons.

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