Isiah Thomas Sort Of Talked About The Dream Team Anniversary

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06.14.12 12 Comments

Last night, the NBA network aired the highly anticipated Dream Team documentary to celebrate the 20th anniversary of arguably the most talented and dominating team in the history of any sport. As a child of the 80s, I’m fortunate enough to remember watching the Dream Team play and God only knows I wish I still had my Michael Jordan USA jersey, because I’d sell it to a hipster for $500.

But like anything good that is celebrated as legend by the majority, people out there now want to crap all over the Dream Team’s legacy, because Isiah Thomas was snubbed and Michael Jordan is a big ol’ dickhead for keeping him off the team (which is mentioned in the special). Either way, Zeke preemptively took his name out of the debate last night when he issued this statement.

Obviously, Thomas is “taking the high road” because he wants to get back into the NBA, either as a GM, team president, or maybe even a coach again. And he can’t do that if he’s bad-mouthing all of his fellow Hall-of-Famer legends. However, that does not mean this is an invitation for every John Q. Blogger to take up the fight in Thomas’ name.

If he’s really still bitter about it, then he should come out and say, “F*ck those guys, I deserved to be running point for the gold medal team.” Hell, I’d respect him more if he did. But until he does open up about it, let’s stop ruining our childhood memories of what may have been the peak of America’s global dominance at everything.

And in case you missed the special, you can watch it here while it’s available, and you should also check out the NBA’s extra footage. It’s a definite must-watch for any sports fan, or anyone who owned the Mo Money soundtrack.

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