Israeli Basketball Team Narrowly Escapes Horrifying Encounter With Wild Beast

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03.27.12 4 Comments

Sometimes I think we take guys like New Orleans Hornets center Chris Kaman for granted, as he is often mocked and criticized for being such an avid hunter. But he doesn’t care about the criticism, as evidenced by his recent posting of the above image on his Twitter account. Kaman Tweeted the picture in partial jest, as the Hornets were set to play the Charlotte Bobcats, but it also raised an interesting point – don’t we need guys like Kaman in case a wild animal ever gets loose on a basketball court?

Israel’s Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team now knows the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Recently, during one of their games, the Fightin’… um, Tell Avivers almost had a full blown riot on their hands, when a ferocious beast interrupted game play. I’ve included the video after the jump, but please cover the eyes of any small children near you.

Also, reminder, most of you aren’t supposed to be near small children.

(Thanks to Robopanda for the tip.)

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