10.26.06 12 years ago 12 Comments

The result of Matt Leinart's post-Paris Hilton post-break-up sex with ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron is a healthy baby boy. Leinart missed practice in Arizona yesterday to attend the birth of his first child, named Cole, on Tuesday night. He didn't miss much at practice, as Denny Green was employing The Music Man theory of coaching, where he had all the players sit quietly for several hours imagining how they were going to lose at Green Bay on Sunday. Hey, it worked in the movie.

No word yet on Cole's middle name, but I imagine it's something along the lines of "Ka-Ching!"… Cole Ka-Ching! Cameron. It's got a nice flow to it. And I like the exclamation point. I kinda wish I had one in my name. "Matthew Danger Ufford" is just a little too WASP-y and unimaginative, y'know?

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