It’s-a Me, Ice Skating Mario!

The ISU World Figure Skating Championships took place in Moscow over the past weekend, but you already knew that because I assume we were all watching it with breathless anticipation. In all seriousness, I consider figure skating as much of a sport as tap dancing, but it is a competition and something fun caught my eye, so here is your one and only figure skating post at With Leather for this year. What’s that? We had one the other day? Fabulous!

Russian duo Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov won the silver medal for their performance, a tribute to Super Mario Brothers. Maxim portrayed a video game nerd bringing Tatiana’s Mario to life, and that may be the most inadvertently perverted sentence I’ve ever written. While I commend them for their creativity, I’m still pretty disappointed in the lack of Princess Peach. Then again, I wouldn’t expect figure skating to promote sexy women for the male audience.

Perhaps Tatiana and Maxim would have won the gold medal if their performance was anything like the majestic production that was Mario on Ice.

(Via Kotaku)