12.11.07 10 years ago 19 Comments

Obviously bolstered by owner James Dolan's promise that he's "emphatically behind" coach, GM, and team president Isiah Thomas, the Knicks are quietly putting together another losing streak for their shitty, shitty leader.  And though the Madison Square Garden faithful aren't happy with the results, Coach Thomas knows where to point the finger.

Fans booed for most of the second half, and booed the underachieving Eddy Curry almost every time he checked in and out of the game. […]

Thomas apparently had heard enough. Late in the game, he could be seen debating some fans sitting near the court. One of those fans, Mara Altschuler, was so enraged by the discussion that she sought out reporters after the final buzzer. “He said it’s the fans’ fault because they don’t have a good sixth man,” said Altschuler, who has season tickets near midcourt.

Oh, so THAT'S it.  Knicks fans are the problem.  All this time they've had bad attitudes like the Knicks' starting lineup, when they were supposed to be a sixth man like David Lee, providing energy and enthusiasm off the bench.  Of course!  Wait… so why doesn't David Lee start? 


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