11.21.07 10 years ago 15 Comments

Before you get all stuffed with turkey and tomorrow's football games, I wanted to revisit one of last Sunday's biggest stories — the Browns-Ravens field goal controversy/OT thriller –one last time.  This is Browns QB Derek Anderson interrupting a "post-game" interview with the news that "we've got overtime!"  But what bothers me is that the reporter doesn't even know the word for that, uh, horizontal connector thingy part of the goalpost.  And he's not alone.  I heard at least two or three other confused announcers, DJs, and average sports fans struggle with the terminology.

It's called a stanchion, people.  I know they don't teach that at the learnin' farm no more, but try to remember it.  Maybe you can show it off at the office holiday party while you're trying to impress the intern with the long-distance boyfriend.

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