It’s Friday, So Here’s A Bunch Of Animals On Trampolines (Including A Buffalo)


In the past we’ve given you clips of dogs on trampolines, but never before has there been such a comprehensive collection of animals discovering they can jump high on/are unable to eat a trampoline’s surface.

The song choice is a little cliche (when tasked to choose a “jump” song, always choose the Pointer Sisters, or at least Van Halen), but the sheer variety of animals on trampolines makes up for it. In addition to what you’d expect — cats, dogs — you get foxes, a buffalo (!!) and an entire section devoted to baby goats. Did I mention POT-BELLIED PIG ON A TRAMPOLINE? Because that happens, too.

Happy Friday, everybody. Enjoy.

Yo, somebody help out that buffalo.

[via Tastefully Offensive]