With Leather’s Watch This: A Fat Russian Guy In A Speedo Dancing

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03.08.13 5 Comments

I don’t know what my fascination is with Russia lately, but between dogs that fetch vodka, a billionaire’s wife, statues made of poop, Kate Upton doppelgangers and 23-year old models in bikinis running down the street, I am sold. Looks like we lost the Cold War, folks. Hell, even that fat guy in a Speedo can dance better than the dance instructor that he’s sort of mocking. It’s just a great week for Russians.

Alas, it’s a bad week for UFC fans, as we don’t have any child po… er, I mean mixed martial arts to watch. Sorry, I was channeling my inner Steve Hickey there. That guy loves talking about child pornography. So what shall we do instead? Well, I’m gonna go sit ringside at this Chikara event tomorrow night in Orlando, while you all can watch this stuff…


WWE Smackdown – 8 PM ET on SyFy

I’m still upset that the WWE and SyFy have yet to run a cross-promotional match, in which Giant Octopus or Mega Shark joins the Shield. They’re missing out on a goldmine.

NBA: Hawks at Celtics – 8 PM ET on ESPN

NBA: Rockets at Warriors – 10:30 PM ET on ESPN

I’ll be at the Magic-Pacers game tonight, yelling stuff at Tyler Hansbrough, because that’s what I was put on Earth to do.


NCAA Basketball: Florida at Kentucky – Noon ET on CBS

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Georgetown – Noon ET on ESPN

NCAA Basketball: Atlantic Sun Basketball Championship – Noon ET on ESPN 2

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Baylor – 6 PM ET on ESPN

Awesome, watch Kansas and Baylor face off in the battle of Twitter Zubaz jokes.


I’m sleeping until noon and then playing golf for the rest of the day. Go watch NASCAR or something.

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