It’s Funny Because Bill Self Sucks In The Tournament

03.29.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

How bad of a coach in March is Bill Self of Kansas? Let’s not jump the gun here; the Jayhawks won the whole damn thing three years ago with Self in his fifth year at the helm. But that national championship is peppered with early-round losses against such powerhouses as Bradley, Bucknell and Northern Iowa. Does that overshadow four 30-win seasons in five years? I suppose that could be up for debate.

But this infographic from Tauntr, “Bill Self Choking Procedures,” is still awesome. I swear I saw this exact same card in the seat pocket on my flight this morning, right next to the Sky Mall catalog. Did you know they still take MAIL-IN ORDERS? Seriously. I might have to fill that out and pick up some Diet Tab and parachute pants.

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