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England failing to qualify for Euro 2008 hasn't stopped the WAG-tastic flow of stories coming out of English soccer.  Earlier this week we got the Christmas miracle of Abbey Clancy's bare breasts, and today, striker Wayne Rooney and longtime girlfriend Colleen McLoughlin were wed in Italy.  Kickette writes:

The civil ceremony for their marriage took place this morning, with just eight family members present, no rings exchanged, and Coleen in this pretty, rather understated dress (by WAG standards).  The real blow out is the blessing ceremony (with the Marchesa gown and the fireworks and the etcs), which takes place later on.

So they're in the weird in-between state of being recognized by the state, but can't yet do it as husband and wife in the eyes of God.  And you better believe that God likes to watch.  Watch a beautiful wedding ceremony, that is.  (/dodges lightning bolt)

In other sports-related wedding possibities, Kim Kardashian is on the record as saying she's headed for wedded bliss with Reggie Bush.  Bush is 23, Kardashian 27.  Bush is an independently wealthy pro athlete, Kardashian has a public sex tape with another guy.  Oh yeah, that's gonna work out great.

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