It’s This Year’s Greatest NFL Parody Song

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12.09.11 7 Comments

Obviously, I’ve grown quite fond of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler this season due to our new status as BFF, and I was pretty upset when he injured his thumb. And I’m not a Bears fan in the slightest. I just like the guy because I make fun of him and he appreciates it. We’re like Ike and Tina.

But Bears fans aren’t enjoying much at all right now, and they need Cutler back worse than ever. Caleb Hanie, bless his heart, can’t carry the load for both Cutler and the recently injured Matt Forte. The Bears need their J-Cutty back and better than ever, throwing his heart out to one of the most underwhelming receiving corps in the NFL. If my encouragement and dick jokes can’t help him, then maybe a video of guys singing “Cutty Come Back”, set to the Player* song “Baby Come Back”, will.

Lord knows it inspired me.

*If you had offered me $1 million to name the band that sang “Baby Come Back”, I would have blanked like Shaq at the foul line.

[Via Sharapova’s Thigh]

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