It’s Voltron Made Out Of Sh*tty NFL Quarterbacks

12.14.10 8 years ago 13 Comments
You guys asked for it in the comments yesterday, and today you’ve got it: Our very own Voltron comprised of five of the NFL’s most inconsistent signal-callers from Week 14; if they all put their heads together, I suppose they could comprise one competent QB. And if it wasn’t obvious, this is

Just to be clear, this is “Lion Voltron,” and not “Vehicle Voltron,” which I don’t really consider a real Voltron anyway. Cars for feet? Really? And don’t even get me started on Gladiator Voltron. Any one of the GoBots could whip his ass. Anyway, let’s meet our contestants, and then afterward, tell us who we missed (and who you would swap out) in the comments.

Kyle Orton, Denver Broncos. Statistically, Orton had been pretty sharp on the year in terms of production, but really wet the bed in his last two starts. You know you suck when they’re talking about benching you and starting Tim Tebow.

Matt Flynn, Green Bay Packers. This really isn’t his fault; he was probably catching up on old strips of “Marmaduke” when Aaron Rodgers got his second concussion of the season Sunday. He threw a pick and he lost to the Lions. That could have happened to anybody!

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