It’s Wrasslin’ But With More Jesus

As a founding member of the Church of Blake Lively’s Chest, I’m a man who doesn’t like to talk too much about religion since it’s such a polarizing subject. But I do appreciate anything that helps spread positive messages to America’s youth, especially when so many kids are up to no good and always listening to the hip hop music and taking the weed. I also love talking about professional wrestling, and it just so happens that the people behind the Christian Wrestling Federation have been mixing action-packed wrasslin’ with messages of love and peace.

Because nothing says love and peace like a dropkick from the top turn buckle followed by a DDT into a camel clutch. After the jump, check out CWF founder Rob “Jesus Freak” Vaughn and his mission statement for his federation…

Side thought: Is their championship belt called the Bible Belt? I should look that up. Also, the top heel should definitely be named Bible Banger. They should contact me about creative licensing.

(Video via Dangerous Minds.)