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Well, sexy office workers, since it's a slow day and Friday and all, I thought I'd take a moment to notify you of a very important occurrence on the Interwebs: the Weblog Awards polls are open for Best Sports Blog.  You're probably shocked to learn that this esteemed site is not among the candidates; this may or may not be because I'm more interested in breasts than facts, and if that's the case, well, I don't want the award anyway.

However, I'd like to throw my support behind the non-stop assault of ass-kickery that is the NFL blog Kissing Suzy Kolber, where I also occasionally contribute as part of the KSK Gay Mafia.  It won last year's award on the strength of pleading, pandering, and more dick jokes than you could shake your wang at, and the site has only improved over the last year by increasing the number of posts per day and demanding more of star pupil Big Daddy Drew.  Bookmark this page, and vote for them every 24 hours.  Pretty please.

A breakdown of the contenders after the jump.

On the DL: Chicks gossip about baseball players screwing groupies.  Every goddam thing is a blind item that tells you nothing.

KSK: Basically the greatest site in history.

Express & Star: British.

On Frozen Blog: The very best ice skating blog out there.  Just kidding!  It's about that other icy sport.

FanHaus: Not bad.  Features the second-best NFL columnist on the Internet.  But do you really want to vote for AOL? 

Every Day Should Be Saturday: Actually, this is a fucking excellent blog.  I won't hate you if you vote for the stylings of Orson Swindle… Judas

Deadspin: A sentimental favorite, and a very good blog about ESPN employees and the St. Louis Cardinals.

F1 Fanatic: British.  About cars.

The Hardball Times:  THE place to go for more stories about Joe Torre and Scott Boras.

SB Nation:  I say disqualified.  This is actually like 800 blogs.  Some of them are really good; some of them… not so much.

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