This IU Christmas Lights Display Is Pretty Cool, Especially If You Have To Watch It Every Night For A Month

So far, our sports-related Christmas updates have been pretty weird. We’ve featured pro wrestlers (both foreign and domestic) singing Christmas carols, the NBA inspiring hate for their CGI ‘Carol Of The Bells’ commercial and the Boston Red Sox trying to sell season tickets with rehashed Christmas Vacation jokes. And now, because the quest to be the weirdest Christmas update of the year keeps escalating, here’s a Fort Wayne, Indiana, family paying homage to a game-winning 3-pointer in synched-up Christmas lights.

Via Jeff Eisenberg at The Dagger:

Yes, that’s Christian Watford’s 3-pointer to beat Kentucky at the buzzer last December in Christmas lights form. It starts with the Indiana fight song, it goes quiet for a couple of seconds and then it leads right into the radio play-by-play of the shot that signaled the Hoosiers’ return to national relevancy.

That’s a pretty original way of supporting your favorite basketball team, no? A-plus for the idea, B-plus for the execution.

Here’s the video, which you will enjoy, assuming you are not these peoples’ neighbors. If you are these peoples’ neighbors, here’s a great website where you can buy shovels, which, when ordered, may be used to bludgeon these people into unconsciousness.

Next year their front door should just be a cardboard cut-out of Santa from Dollar Tree with a post-it note stuck to it that reads, “sorry, everyone.”