11.20.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Allen Iverson, often cited as Exhibit A of “What’s Wrong With The NBA” by white people everywhere, thought he was too good to sit the bench for the Memphis Grizzlies. Apparently, he was wrong. The New York Knicks, sitting with a 2-9 record, decided that Iverson didn’t offer anything to help their club.

Iverson was waived by the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday and became a free agent Thursday night. Walsh said Friday he wasn’t interested because Iverson would take time away from the young players the Knicks are trying to develop. –SI.com.

Some people have said that Iverson has a lot of leadership to offer a young team. Really? This is a guy that wants to take 30 shots a game and show up 30 minutes before tip. Iverson was one of the greatest of his day, but he never exuded leadership. There are mumblings that Iverson should sit the bench in Cleveland behind Shaq and LeBron, which would be great–in a game of NBA Jam.

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