Video Of J.J. Watt Doing An Insanely High Box Jump Is More Proof That He Is Not A Mortal Human

This might come as news to some of you, but J.J. Watt is athletic. Like, really athletic. He’s athletic to the point where it’s not only unfair to the rest of us, it makes me less inclined to want to go out and do physical activity because what’s the point?

Above is a video of J.J. Watt doing a 61-inch box jump, which is more than five feet (5’1 to be exact) in the air. He went from standing on the ground to standing on a box that was 61 inches tall like it was nothing. And then he screamed because that’s what you do when you are a 289-pound physical freak of nature.

Watt has tried the 61-inch jump before and failed, and he wasn’t shy about sharing his progress.

It might just be a promotional stunt for Watt’s new Reebok deal, but it’s still incredible, and more proof that the Houston Texans defender isn’t of this earth.

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