Jabrill Peppers Shoved An Ohio State Fan On The Field After Michigan Lost

Losing a big game on the road in college football often means having to deal with fans storming the field to celebrate your failure. Jabrill Peppers was having none of that after Ohio State knocked off Michigan in double overtime on Saturday.

Cameras caught Peppers getting into it with a Buckeyes fan at Ohio Stadium while the Wolverines were trying to get off the field after jubilant Ohio State fans stormed the turf. Peppers had just watched Ohio State score the game-winning touchdown to win in double overtime, and a fan got in his face about the loss. Peppers shoved said fan a bit until he was separated from the man by others nearby.

It’s impossible to know what was said by either party or what really happened there, but it’s definitely not a good look for Peppers or Michigan. It should be noted that maybe the Ohio State fan involved should be spending his time on the field celebrating with thousands of other Buckeyes fans and not chasing after a very large, NFL-bound athlete who was bound to be unhappy with the result of the game.

Peppers likely won’t get in too much trouble, and he’s still had a terrific season. While he didn’t have his Heisman moment against the Buckeyes, he might still have an New York invite yet.

Usually these field storming incidents are fun ways fans celebrate a big win. You don’t have to use it to rub into the other team after a big loss.