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UPDATE: Del Rio apparently is staying in Jacksonville. Until he gets fired next year, at least…

The former Southern Cal linebacker has about 15 million reasons to scoff at Southern Cal’s head coaching vacancy. That’s the amount of the buyout (over three years) from his contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars, who finished 7-9 this year in a fairly competitive AFC South division. But the Turds In Teal only won lost five of their last six, and Del Rio was thought to be interviewing for his job this week, despite the hefty price tag. Turns out that he was–in LA.

Of course, Del Rio will deny everything until the ink on his deal with Southern Cal is dry, and that’s fine. Everyone can get all worked up about how dishonest it is to lie about taking a job when you already have one, but that’s the game. Because saying that you’re going to leave one job without having another one locked down is stupid. Do we really expect these guys–who earn their keep by outsmarting the opposition–to do anything less?

Now, why Del Rio would skip out on $15 million for a Pac-10 program that’s about to be fist-fugged by the NCAA is anyone’s guess. Yes, it’s his alma mater, and even if it came under sanctions, it’s easily one of the ten best jobs in college football. Just don’t expect him to spell out his intentions to anyone with a tape recorder. That’s not the way that this game is played.

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