Jack White Is Getting His Own Topps Baseball Card

Jack White
Getty Image

Did you know that baseball cards are still a thing? No I don’t mean a thing that exists. Of course they exist. In fact I still have all of mine in a wooden chest in my basement from when I collected them as a kid. What I’m asking is did you know that they’re still being made and sold? Well they are, and Topps is releasing a set called Series 1 that will include an insert of Jack White wearing a retro Detroit Stars jersey.

Jack White Baseball CardThe picture for the card was taken last July at Comerica Park in which White threw out the first pitch prior to a game between the Tigers and the White Sox. Afterwards, he flashed a thumbs up and smiled.

According to a spokesperson from Topps, packs of Series 1 cards will have a suggested retail price of $1.99 and come in packs of 10. Insert cards are traditionally more rare than cards within the base set, but it is not known how many Jack White cards will be released.

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