This Baseball Player’s Decision To Charge The Opposing Team’s Dugout Was Poor

07.22.16 2 years ago

Want to know the problem with kids today? They all think they know the best way to do things. For years, when you wanted to fight someone in baseball, you charged the mound. It was you vs. him. But for Fernando Cruz of the New Jersey Jackals, that wasn’t good enough. He thought he found a better way — charging a dugout.

He was wrong.

This is from a Can-Am league game between the Jackals and Rockland Boulders, as if any of that matters. Cruz was just sitting there in the dugout when all of a sudden, he decided to rush an area filled with the enemy. He basically pulled a Jon Snow at the Battle of the Bastards only instead of stopping in the middle of the battlefield and being saved, he got murdered by Ramsay Bolton.

jon snow horses


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