Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Are Now Hurling Themselves From The Top Of EverBank Field

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.07.14 6 Comments

The Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t … uh, you know, playing football games or anything, so it gives them a lot of time to do really fun stuff like attaching a rope swing zip line to the highest points in their stadium and launching cheerleaders, Jaxson de Ville and whoever else across it.

That’s the story. They set up a really, really fun-looking thing, played with it all day and night, popped a few wheelies, made the cheerleaders dance and filmed it. The Jags find their own kind of joy, dammit.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage. If you’re gonna do this, you might as well have 30 cameras and a documentary film crew on hand, right?

h/t to Fansided

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