What Do You Think Of The Jacksonville Jaguars’ New Gold Uniforms?

They officially haven’t been released for public consumption yet, but Nike leaked concept art for the new Jacksonville Jaguars all-gold uniforms. According to BigCatCountry.com, the unis will apparently be worn against the Tennessee Titans for the Thursday Night Football game on Nov. 19. You can see a photo of the concept art above with great Twitter reactions below:

Because it’s the internet, anything new is immediately lambasted and essentially publicly shamed. While the gold color certainly does give off a certain, shall we say, bodily fluid hue, the NFL is all about merchandising. Undoubtedly, gold jerseys will sell—assuming of course the concept art is a reality.

Perhaps we should be thankful, though. An alternate color isn’t the worst thing in the world. What if Nike came up with the football equivalent of long-sleeved jerseys in the NBA? What would that even look like? Quarterbacks would be unhappy, that much is for certain. Can you imagine Aaron Rodgers being like “screw this” five minutes into a game and ripping his jersey like LeBron did?

Anyway, considering Jacksonville-Tennessee is the Thursday night game, it probably won’t be the gold jerseys looking like crap out there.

(Via Big Cat Country)