Jacksonville Woman Has Jaguars Players’ Autographs Tattooed Into Her Arm

11.11.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

Kim Nored is a 29-year-old college student living in South Florida. And she’s a big Jacksonville Jaguars fan. No, jerkwheat, “big” as in very passionate. Nored’s favorite pastime for supporting her team involves having players sign her arms, and then having those signatures permanently tattooed in place. That’s awesome.

“That is a die-hard fan if there ever was one, to get tattoos of autographs, of random players for that matter,” Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee said.

Scobee didn’t think Nored was serious when she approached him last year. She returned to training camp a few days later to show him the tattoo. She did the same with Del Rio.

“I signed a guy’s forehead once — I don’t think he made it a tattoo,” Del Rio said. “There are certain areas I won’t sign. I like to keep it G-rated.” –Fla. Times-Union.

Jag fandom seems to be picking up; the team has just sold out its fifth straight game for the weekend. I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened sooner; it looks like they have a lot of fans that need to use two seats at once.

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