Jägermeister Wants To Send You And Your Friends To Las Vegas To Train With Freddie Roach (!)

03.27.13 6 years ago

If you’re smart, you’ll listen to anything Freddie Roach says.

I mean, the guy’s known for being a great boxer, but he’s also responsible for teaching practically every current world champion in combat sports how to do their thing — he’s had a hand in training three current boxing champions and three current MMA champs, including Anderson Silva and GSP. Hell, he trained Mark Wahlberg for The Fighter and taught Shaq how to throw a punch.

That resume beats the dog mess out of yours, and everyone you know’s. His latest thing you should pay attention to is A Brother In Your Corner, a message to help out your drinking buddies like you’d help out a fellow fighter, and a contest wherein Jägermeister sends you to Las Vegas to train with Freddie. You get to take three of your friends, too, for one of the coolest bonding experiences you could possibly have.

You can enter at Jäger’s Facebook page by uploading a picture and briefly sharing a story about a time you had a brother’s back or he had yours for a chance to win. Freddie wants you to do it, and that’s good enough for me.

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