Gus Johnson Went Crazy On A 109-Yard Kick Six By The Jaguars After Arizona Tried A 68-Yard Field Goal

A week ago, Gus Johnson made his return to the NFL booth in an absolutely wild game between the Vikings and Cardinals that ended with him going crazy over a missed game-winner by Minnesota.

On Sunday, Gus was back on the call for Fox and again had the Cardinals, this time in Jacksonville against the, up til Sunday, hapless Jaguars. Jacksonville actually played well in the first half, tying the game at 7-7 late on a dime from Trevor Lawrence to DJ Chark with under 30 seconds to play. The Cardinals got the ball back and worked it to midfield with two seconds left and decided they would trot Matt Prater, who made a 62-yarder last week (indoors), out for a 68-yard attempt at the half.

Well, this time Prater came up short and Jamal Agnew was stationed under the goal posts in the end zone for a possible return. What followed was pure Gus magic.

That is an elite-tier Gusgasm, as Agnew somehow weaves through the Cardinals kicking unit on his way to the end zone, while Gus steadily gets more and more excited about the possibility of a 109-yard return before erupting once he clears the last Cardinal. It is a reminder of why most teams don’t let their kicker go out and try a 68-yard attempt because the risk of disaster is far greater than the reward of three possible points — either by way of a return or from a block.

Kliff Kingsbury and the Cardinals learned this lesson the hard way and now find themselves in the rather embarrassing position of being in real danger of giving Urban Meyer and the Jaguars their first win of the season.