Enjoy The World’s Greatest Jaguars Fan Saying The Team Will ‘Steal The Show’ This Year

There’s no job a reporter can have that’s worse than doing a “man on the street” piece. You essentially are approaching strangers that left their home that day with no plans to be interviewed by a doofus with a camera, yet here you are asking questions about a thing they almost definitely don’t care about.

People seem to think the Jacksonville Jaguars had themselves a nice little draft over the past few days, so someone at the local news station asked a guy to ask local people about it. The reporter stumbled upon the above woman, who terrifies me to my very soul.

“The first year, we took it to the limit,” she says, almost scoffing at the question before pivoting into a story unrelated to the Jaguars or their draft. “And I was in Miami at my new beach house. Well, it was a couple minutes from the beach.”

At this point, the woman seems pleasant enough, right? Knowledgeable about the team’s history, owned a beach house but wanted to be honest about the location of the house in relation to the beach, maybe a few beers deep. But the dude asking the questions cuts her off just as she’s about to get to what was probably a sweet beach house story, then she appears to get annoyed when asked about the Jaguars’ two decades of futility.

“Oh, we’ve been strong; we’re just playing by the rules.”

She says this in a way that makes me think she doesn’t play by the rules. This could also be a shot at the New England Patriots and their cheating ways, which makes me like her, but then she delivers a message directly into the camera that may leave you unsettled.

“You can’t have a newcomer come in and… steal the show.”

No. No, m’am. You can’t. Whatever you say.

The Jaguars would be wise to bring her to the season opener and let her do the coin toss. She can glare into the opponents eyes and say, “Steal the show.” Jaguars win by 20, easy.

(Via News4Jax)