The Jaguars New Kicker Slipped On His First Ever Kick For The Team

The Jacksonville Jaguars are not good this season. The reasons for this are many, but what hasn’t helped them is the rotating cast of kickers they’ve employed throughout the year. Their usual starting kicker, Josh Lambo, has been dealing with injuries which has forced the Jaguars to try and find numerous replacements. The results haven’t been good as they just haven’t found one that can stick around.

Over the weekend, the Jaguars made yet another change by cutting Chase McLaughlin and signing Aldrick Rosas for Sunday’s contest against the Titans. Unfortunately for them it didn’t take long for things to go poorly with the new signing. In Rosas’s first ever field goal attempt for the Jaguars he had an absolute disaster, slipping as he tried to kick the ball resulting in it being blocked. Afterward, the broadcast mentioned he had been struggling to maintain his footing in pregame warmups and that apparently was not remedied by game time.

This is just flat out funny. Poor Rosas was just trying to make a good impression on his new team and ended up instead producing an incredible lowlight. You rarely see this happen at any level of football, but especially the NFL. However, it’s pretty representative of the Jaguars and their kicking woes this season.

For some bad teams, they’re just not good because of a single really bad aspect such as quarterback play, an offensive line, or defense. For others, it just feels like the entire team is failing every weekend. The Jaguars fall into the latter and those failures stretch even into the kicking. It’s not surprising to see them with only one win. It will also be exciting to find out which kicker they bring in next week because it’s hard to see Rosas recovering from this.