The Jaguars Mascot Continues To Risk His Life For The Team And Deserves Better

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the worst franchises in the NFL, with their main competition for the title of absolute worst being the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans. They have very few redeeming qualities at the moment, and while there is hope that Trevor Lawrence can eventually drag them to respectability, right now the undisputed best part of the franchise is their mascot, Jaxson de Ville.

No one is more dedicated to their duties as a mascot more than Jaxson, who risks life and limb to do the one thing the football team cannot do: bring joy to the people of Jacksonville. On Sunday, this meant trying to get the sparse crowd fired up for a game in which they were more than a touchdown underdogs at home against Arizona, so they did a got damn backflip off a light tower and then ziplined down to the field on a bungee cord.

The Jaguars as a franchise do not deserve this level of commitment from their mascot when I’m not sure there’s a single member of the football operations staff, including the players, that can match it. Until they win a game, Jaxson should be given Urban Meyer’s salary because at least he is excelling at his job.