03.05.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

It only took a year and $42 million for the Carolina Panthers to realize what the rest of the world already knew: Jake Delhomme is finished. The Panthers sent Delhomme–arguably the face of their franchise–unceremoniously packing.

The Panthers are still on the hook for nearly $13 million in guaranteed money from the contract extension they gave him last spring, but making the move now keeps them from suffering any salary cap consequences because the NFL has entered into an uncapped year.

In the short term, the move clears the way for Matt Moore to take over as the starter, after he was given the highest restricted free agent tender Wednesday. It also opens the door for more speculation for other quarterback moves, as they’ll obviously be in the market for at least one in free agency and/or the draft. –Boston Herald.

It’s hard to feel bad for a guy that’s going to clear eight figures for sitting on his ass, but didn’t Delhomme deserve just a little bit better than this? Granted, the Panthers gave him a chance to recover, and he did anything but. For a guy that played in (and almost won) a Super Bowl, that 5-interception game against Arizona two years ago almost seems like an unfair legacy. Almost.

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