03.12.07 11 years ago 3 Comments

Bronco-haters and fans of interceptions and beards will be pleased to learn that Jake Plummer, though semi-officially maybe retired from the NFL, hasn't disappeared from the sporting world entirely. He's playing competitive handball (second item).

Jake Plummer and older brother Eric advanced to the semifinals of the Colorado Open handball championships over the weekend at the Denver Athletic Club.

The Plummers were defeated in the semifinals by eventual champions Bear Meiring and Jay Sprenger. The Plummers upset the No. 2-seeded team to make it to the semifinals.

Sadly, AP and Getty photographers somehow didn't get the memo that this huge event — featuring star handball players like Bear Meiring, Jay Sprenger, and Jake Plummer's older brother — was happening, so I've been forced to use an artist's rendition of the event. An artist's rendition of team handball, which isn't quite the same thing as doubles, which is like racquetball without racquets, but whatever. Like you care.

The good news is that Eli Manning can take heart from Plummer's success. He might have a future in squash after all. 

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