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As part of my last post of the day, I thought I'd do a semi-preview of that Chiefs-Broncos game that we're all thankful for but have no way of watching. That's right, it's time to  look at the Jay Cutler Watch with new interest. Jake Plummer will start tomorrow, but after struggling recently there's a fair amount of buzz that Mike Shanahan will finally pull the plug on Plummer. And the people in Denver cannot wait.

Plummer, who otherwise doesn't read the papers, watch TV sportscasts or listen to sports talk radio, understood his position as starting quarterback for the 7-3 Broncos has once again created local unrest. "There have been people who have tried to run me out of here since I got here," Plummer said. "If I listened to that stuff, I wouldn't still be here leading this team."

Impressive. It's like he hired all of President Bush's speechwriters and PR staff.

"There's a lot of starvation and people dying in the world, but I'm the most important topic in Denver," Plummer said. "It's sad."

Yeah, Denver! Stop caring about your stupid football team and donate to UNICEF! Fucking Denver. Those pricks are so selfish… although maybe if those starving and dying people started throwing three picks against the Raiders, we could finally cure world hunger.

Check back in over the long weekend — I'll be writing a few more posts to cover the holiday's sporting events.

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