How A 14-Year-Old Boy Broke The Red Sox Signings Of Hanley Ramirez And Pablo Sandoval

Throughout the day on Monday, the baseball world was buzzing over the Red Sox’ dual signings of free agents Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez to multi-year contracts. Since they came so early in the free-agent signing period, the Red Sox will have a little bit of extra time to figure out such things as “I wonder how we’re going to play two 3rd basemen at the same time” and also “but seriously, did we think this through? I guess we could move Hanley to the outfield, but maybe we could have allocated half of this money to a guy who plays a different position.” But neither of those things are what’s important right now. What IS important is that news of their signings were not scooped by one of the big boys from ESPN or CBS but by a 14-year-old named Jake Wesley.

Wesley started aggregating baseball stories on his own Instagram account account three years ago, and says it had over 6,000 followers at its apex. But he says he lost a large chunk of them after his account was hacked recently.

Like all good reporters, Wesley is protective of his sources. He says he has a contact within the Red Sox organization who tipped him off about the Ramirez and Sandoval signings, but doesn’t delve into further specifics.

On Sunday, he got the scoop from a source that the Red Sox had signed Hanley Ramirez. CBS’ Jon Heyman then confirmed the report. Later, Wesley announced the signing of Sandoval. And Heyman then confirmed that as well.

Solid job by the young go-getter. I wonder if he has anything else up his sleeve.

His current report has the Red Sox close to signing Jon Lester back.

Who are we to doubt him at this point?