The Jalen Rose-Chris Webber Feud Is Getting Ugly And Personal

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Jalen Rose and Chris Webber do not like each other. That much we’ve gathered after an ugly back-and-forth between the two on Wednesday. At issue are comments Webber made on The Dan Patrick Show regarding the Fab Five documentary that aired in 2011. Webber chose not to participate, as he’s still at odds with the University of Michigan for the Ed Martin scandal.

Rose, however, was front and center, the star of the show and the man with whom the documentary interviewed the most. This seemed to be a point of contention with Webber, who never mentioned Rose by name, but who passive aggressively laid the lumber.

“I think it was okay, except… I think it was… it looked like… it looked like, you know, what happens, a lot of people, after they retire, or when they’re looking for a job, or when they want to be relevant, they go back in time and kind of make sure their importance is really known.

Ouch, hell of a shot across the bow from Webber. And he didn’t stop there.

“My thing is, it’s always been about us five. So, when one guy has a million highlights of himself, as if he was the leading scorer, and all the stories are, like, embellished, it’s just a little hard for me.”

Webber didn’t mention this incident specifically, but it may have been the start of their rift. In 2013, Michigan played Louisville in the National Championship game. Rose and other members of the Fab Five sat in the stands, basking in the spotlight and perhaps stealing some thunder from the team on the court. Webber opted to sit in a suite, away from the spotlight.

Rose addressed that, among other things, in this scathing takedown on Wednesday night to Larry Brown Sports:

“One dude traveled, then called timeout. One dude lied to grand jury and hasn’t apologized. One dude tried to circumvent the documentary to HBO. One dude ignored multiple requests from everyone involved after agreeing to participate. One dude played like (President) Obama and sat in a suite during Michigan’s recent title game. One dude slandered Ed Martin after all he did for him and his family. One dude is not in contact with the other four (which is all good). One dude has been doing a rebuttal doc for four years. One dude clearly is delusional and still in denial.”

That’s two guys with two very large egos going toe-to-toe without mentioning each other by name. A virtual slap fight, if you will, and one with no clear winner.

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