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Most of you remember former Falcons running back Jamal Anderson as the proprietor of the “Dirty Bird,” that variation of the Chicken Dance that was all the rage during Atlanta’s run to Super Bowl XXXIII. Anderson’s choreographic brilliance shone yet again over the weekend, this time in an Atlanta nightclub. This latest routine involves dropping to your knees, covering a nostril of your choice, and snorting a line of blow off the crapper with a white guy.

Anderson, 36, and Mark Daniel Hudson, 20, both of Duluth, were in the same stall inside the men’s room at Peachtree Tavern about 3 a.m. Sunday, snorting powder cocaine off the toilet tank, police spokesman Otis Redmond said…A tavern patron alerted an off-duty Atlanta police officer to possible illegal drug use inside the restroom, he said.

Jamal was booked for felony possession of cocaine and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He was released on $6000 bond, so I guess he can go knock out whatever it was he was trying to get pumped up for at 3 am. Seriously, just go to bed, man. Or play Madden. Did you know you could create yourself in Madden and then play the game as you, Jamal? Imagine that, you as an NFL player. What a time for us to be alive.

[AJC, via The Smoking Section]

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