JaMarcus Russell Is Losing His Home

Senior Writer
03.04.11 8 Comments

Former No. 1 draft pick and current unemployment rate contributor JaMarcus Russell is facing foreclosure on his Oakland home that is worth an estimated $2.4 million. According to TMZ, the codeine enthusiast is behind on his mortgage payments to the tune of $195,512.05 and he has three months to pay up or his home will be auctioned. I will bid on this house, but only if his fur coats are included.

Here’s what I don’t get, and I openly ask any of our millionaire readers to correct my ignorance – JaMarcus signed a deal worth $61 million when the Oakland Raiders made him the top pick in the 2007 NFL draft. $32 million of that deal was guaranteed, so how the hell does he even have a house payment for a $2.4 million home? Far be it for me to criticize the wealthy but as someone who appreciates not being homeless or having my credit destroyed, I just think it makes sense to pay the whole thing off up front.

But hey, what am I worried about? I’m sure the Washington Redskins will take care of his financial woes soon enough.

Side Thought: New JaMarcus nickname – Fail Whale. I think it has legs.

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