JaMarcus Russell Released (Back Into The Wild)

05.06.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

Former No. 1 draft pick and current fatass JaMarcus Russell has the entire world on which to graze now. The quarterback was just released by the Oakland Raiders. I guess he wasn’t interested in playing nose tackle.

The decision comes less than two weeks after Oakland acquired Jason Campbell from Washington to take over at quarterback.

Russell will now likely be considered the biggest draft bust in NFL history. He will have been paid more than $39 million by the Raiders, while producing only seven wins as a starter. –the monolith.

Dollar-for-dollar, yeah, nobody can touch JaMarcus. However, and I’ve said this before, he might have also been the worst No. 1 overall in NFL history. Worse than Tim Couch? Clearly. Worse than Tony Mandarich? I would make that argument, especially since Mandarich at least had some semblance of a college career. Russell started for, what, one year? At least Russell will have some time to put things in perspective, at least until the Bengals sign him next week.

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